Borders & Backgrounds Embossing Templates

All items are high-quality Lasting Impressions brass embossing templates (also called dry embossing stencils).  Have questions or looking for a particular design?  Don't hesitate to contact us -- we're here to help.


Look for SALE!!! tags on these templates!



L9756            $7       4.25"x 2.75"


 Flourish Borders

M24                $15         5.5"x 4.25"


Dots Background

L960              $7      4.25"x 2.75"


Medium Dots

L9351          $7       4.25"x 2.75"


Ribbon Border

B261           $4.50           5.5"x .5"


Tags Galore

M13                 $15          5.5"x 4.25"


SALE!!! Decorative Banners

L9664            $5         4.25"x 2.75"


 Fancy Borders

M30                $15         5.5"x 4.25"


Square Frames

they pop apart into 6 frames

L9126                  $7                3"x 3"


Circle Frames

they pop apart into 6 frames

L9125           $7        3.25"x 3.25"


Squiggly Frames

they pop apart into 6 frames

L9127              $7           2.75"x 2.75"


Square & Rectangle Frames

L1010              $7           4.25"x 2.75"


Double Zigzag

B268           $4.50      5.75"x .75"


SALE!!! Dotted Corner

 i799               $0.95         1.25"x 1"


Frames and Swirls

M17              $15            5.5"x 4.25"


 SALE!!! Flowers & Frames

M25          $13.50     5.5"x 4.25"


Squiggle with Dots

B270                $4.50              5.5"x .5"


 Frame with Stripes

L9659             $7         4.25"x 2.75"


Rectangle Frames

they pop apart into 10 frames

M6              $15           5.5"x 4.25"


Borders For Life I

M4                 $15           5.5"x 4.25"


Borders For Life II

M7            $15        5.5"x 4.25"


Borders For Life III

M9             $15          5.5"x 4.25"


Sketch Frames

M19            $15           5.5"x 4.25"


SALE!!! Paisley

M18             $13         5.5"x 4.25"


 SALE!!! Sampler Border

B228            $2.75*           4"x 1"

Musical Notes

B243            $4.50           4"x 1"

 Polka Dots

L9569            $7          2.75"x 4.25"



*This template is discounted because it is stained and unpackaged, but it will still work like new!

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